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How you feed your children affects the rest of their lives. Nearly half of US adults have a poor relationship with food because of how they were fed in their youth. But it doesn't have to be that way! You can nurture good health and a life-long positive relationship with food for your children!

Solids Made Simple

Feeding Babies 4 -12 Months

Learn how to safely and enjoyably feed your baby solid foods during the first year of life. Get access to tons of resources including a baby led weaning checklist, allergenic food introduction plan, menus by age, grocery lists and recipes.

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Feeding Toddlers with Ease

For Children Age 1-5

Feeding toddlers right is daunting: How do I help a picky eater? Am I feeding them too many "snacks"? What about food allergies and intolerances? How do I get them to sit at the table? Are they eating enough, or too much? What nutrients do they need to thrive? Can they have candy/sweets? How do their current eating habits affect them as they get older?

There is real guidance to these questions. Click the link below learn more.


As a mother of two, I am passionate about feeding toddlers and babies in a  way that is healthy, enjoyable, and realistic. Birth to two years old is a CRITICAL time for a child's development and nutrition is key. I work with parents to help them learn how to enjoyably feed their infant, toddler, and/or children with confidence.

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