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Feeding Toddlers with Ease: Ages 1-5

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Any parent of toddlers knows that feeding a toddler comes with many challenges: How do I transition my baby to toddler food? How do I help a picky eater? What about food allergies and intolerances? Are they eating enough, or too much? Can they have candy/sweets? How do their current eating habits affect them as they get older? The list goes on! This course teaches you everything you need to know about feeding a toddler. By the end of this course you'll be able to confidently handle any situation and will no longer feel the constant stress and worry of wondering if you're "doing it right." What is in this course? The course consists of video lessons that are easy to understand and walk you through all the knowledge you need for each phase of feeding a toddler. The course also gives you lifetime access to valuable resources for each step of the way, including things like meal plans, grocery lists, allergen guides, and more. __________ Topics Covered: 1-2 Years: - What foods to feed your child or avoid - How to meet your child's nutritional needs - How to establish a feeding routine - How to wean from the bottle or breastfeeding 1-5 years: - Picky Eating Pt 1: Understanding Your Picky Eater - Picky Eating Pt 2: Steps to Take to Overcome Picky Eating - Poor Growth - Conquering Mealtime Battles - Prevent Choking - How to Handle Sugar Class Resources: - Sample Toddler Menus - Growth Charts - Handout "How to Talk to Kids about Food"

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